Killah Priest - New Reality (2014)

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Killah Priest - New Reality lyrics

[Verse 1: Killah Priest]
Children of the lower worlds world less fortunate
From the orphanage tear drops coffin lids
The other world feels your pain 120.000 years of pain
For the young and the slain
Ya memories last for centuries
A tribute for what you been through may your life continue
Live on, on other planets where you see the great ones standing
Even though they took life for granted
It’s like the untold story of Clifford Martin
Investigation found the mask and ? in the apartment
An informant ?mind? cops crime bosses
And cover ups FBI and flying saucers
Watching night watch all night love affairs true crimes
Congregation of masons showing new signs
Government conspiracies the x 9 hollow in the hands of this killa bee
Jericho flesh build walls around my mind from a speck of dust
To my exodus to the black holes
To the nebulas I hear mystic messengers in raindrops
Crack the code of the crop my brain lock then slide out the chamber
Ink sprays all over the paper the diary books of a gangster

Welcome you to the new reality

[Verse 2: Killah Priest]
No more prosecutors’ excitement remarkable federal indictment
Million dollar drug bust while thugs discuss mathematical enlightment
With masterful writing mind travel need no license just high science
And incredible rhyming what happened to Tyson? They killed his mind he stopped fighting
Early eighties the man was a giant
A nightclub owner secret friends with two Columbian drug lords they all traffickers
Saint Valentine’s Day blood massacre the heart in my chest is the shape of Africa
My brain is lavender accepting calls from 911 plane passenger
They say they were never aboard the government used remote so let’s revolt
Someone cut the cord and let the sky ignite
What’s that falling fiery rings I am king
From higher heights I sit beyond the neon cloud
For eons my name rings out loud the future is now
Eternal life is in the journal I write
Exit I exist as one there is none besides the son
Beyond boundaries without change of movement
Only elements and ruins concealed within myself
Thoughts of a seahorse submerge deep in the cosmic water
I breathe the source of life the force planets small to gigantic
Gave them commandments the wings of the wind
Fly by flappin across the entire atlas

Welcome you to the new reality