Killa Beez - Bluntz, Martiniz, Girlz & Gunz lyrics

[Intro: Holocaust]
Black Knights...
West Coast, Kill or be Killed
Black Knights, Black Knights
You hear it from the distance

Yo, my brain sprouts branches blossoming tragic thoughts
Tape's bully lyrics lunch money, pistol or microphone
Welcome to LA, battle the unexplained
Scarecrows and apples, meet Mr. Constrictus (*evil laughter*)
Concrete knuckles and scuffles, I'll waste groups
Give 'em lumps the size of footballs, bricks and grapefruit
Make soup, blueberry, while dining with classic monsters
Better check my sponsor, chop before you can an-swer
Brothers in the con slur, bullet holes in the stop sign
Gods in the neighborhood, pistol in the sunset
Lyrics, they bench-press dump trucks with one thrust
Faster than sound, light or speed that your gun bust
Among us, West Coast wreck hopes, infect dope
Whinin' cuz you last Holocaust cassette broke
The Hunchback, Tic-Tac heads come to get you
Nine hundred and forty three missiles made of crystal
Light a match to those, the crowd put all their lighters up
Stomp through the Graveyard in the rain, the Architect
Bricks in the mud, the cold weather and scorch it
For Box Car Children and Orphans, brought a portrait
Chewing on cactus, rappers better practice
Slimy like a catfish, dollars in the mattress
A hand-carved pipe from Baton Rouge, the Cherokee
Grand High Count, feed Macadaemians to Parakeet
French Lemonade, skeletons on the highway
Club gets rowdy, I'll box my way out
Poor Righteous Teacher, Devil's better fear us
So my pistol splatter your brains across the mirrors

[Hook: Holocaust]
Bluntz, Martiniz, Girlz and Gunz

Gut 'em like a fish, the man who bled marbles
Bloody Mr. Fix-it, Holocaust and guns
Stumble through the doorway wearing my evening chains
Real as the hallway, red and blue Crayola's
Now leaving stains, Architect from Cali
Rumble through the mist covered valleys, dirty alleys
Crumbs in ya suitcase, ice-fishing with Pelicans
Big old cackling skeleton, you're irrelevant
Riding Jorum Elephants, California horizon
Track mud through the kitchen, murder henchmen
Strange mans pocket, cigarettes and candy
Walk wit a limp, chance of a lifetime
Bandit's swamp, cyborg crank, Tic-Tac
Blow holes through MC's the size of Bowling balls
Briefcase man, champ, my flame is buildin'
Send a fist-full jelly beans out for the neighbors children
Two-fisted brawler, Good Times in the sunlight
Trapped the one night, you crawl, the God's, a gun fight
Holo-Holocaust is sleepy, holdin' microphones
Four dead men in the alley, the butcher
Shirts with the blossoms, West Coast, the gentlemen
Holding a pistol, smoke bluntz for hours
To understand the Language of Flowers
Gritty mug shot, Mr. Arms&Legs, drew up bullets
Bed time, time to turn in, but into what?
A well set table, Third Rock from the Sun
Dead men hung, Cadillacs and dinosaurs
Hot peanuts and fireworks, a Holocaust

[Chorus 2x: Holocaust]
Bluntz, Martiniz, Girlz and Gunz
Bluntz, Martiniz, Girlz and Gunz
Bluntz, Martiniz, Girlz and Gunz
Girlz and Gunz
Girlz and Gunz