Kill Verona - Seven Days lyrics

Hey victim, So you say you don't deserve this?
Digging holes to accommodate the blame that you'll
Never choose to take. I heard the ground begins to
Shake from all the tears that are dropped in your name.
I'll stay awake all night taking time to pity you before
You break apart. Here's to the way you take from
Everyone you meet, I hope your lies don't confuse
You. And here's to the way you take to running away,
I know we're better off without you. It's so hard to talk
With your mouth behind my back, so that's enough of
You and your true romance. I can't find the words to say to you so it's time to situate. In seven days you came as close as anyone could be. In seven days you'll be a memory to me. For all the things you want your follow through is off. I hope you find the things your after. And get your shit together because now will be never. I've thought enough so your time with us is up.