Kill The Man Who Questions - There Will Be No Amnesty lyrics

Stand up and be counted for what you've done and who you are. no sense slipping out a backdoor when you've already been announced. every association that once called you a friend shakes a head in shame of the relation. you want amnesty, we want your head. your tongue left parched and cracked and bloody, rubbed raw with sharp excuses that will never stand to light. to grease the wheels of industry, you splashed your hands in blood. your lies publicly exhumed and now the people want the truth. the blind mass assumptions you exploited so well are all abandoned. outdated as time often tells. and the people you stepped on to laugh as they feel. condemn you while living and judge you in hell. like an expose screamed from the heavens, the myths of the last century were smashed in public eye so much that if you ever dare speak in public again it will be as head-bent, tail-tucked, and begging.