Kiley Dean - Who Will I Run To lyrics

You were the one who I could tell my deapest fears
And you were the one who always wiped away my tears
When he hurt me you were my prince straight from above
Like a fool I never saw you were falling in love
So now I've lost everything
cause now you say you're gone forever more
So who will I..

Who will I run to?
Who will I turn to?
Now that you left me behind
Who will dry my tears when I cry
Who will I run to?
And who will I turn to?
Now that you're not here in my life

You were the one I took for granted all those years Ooh..
And you were the one I should have known, It was so clear
How could I be so blind not to see what's before my eyes
I'll get you back here with me, if it takes the rest of my life
Cause I would do anything
Cause I want you back forever more
So who will I...

~Repeat Chorus~

I would gladly journey across the deep blue sea
If I could know that I would have you here with me Ooh..
I realized that I was blind but now I finally see
I need you back here in my life
Ooh baby can't it be

~Repeat Chorus~

Who will be there for me
Who's gonna rescue me
Who's gonna share my dreams
Who's gonna mend this broken heart..Ooh baby