Kids of Adelaide - Old One (2014)

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Kids of Adelaide - Old One lyrics

Dear old one
Nothing is the same never again
I can’t look in your eye no more
Except when I play my figure
We’ve been walking home together
An irritating silence with us
May you’ve lost yours
May I’ve lost mine a dark silence in us

We’ve been laughing in my place
Oh you shot a bird to death
I can’t really remember when it happened
Maybe it started with kerstin
There are lives we’re all living
We all got to leave what we left
May you’ve lost yours may I have lost mine
May you’ve lost yours may I have lost mine

I really miss you
But we’ll never hook one

Well I tried to show you my inner
Too much for both of us
Well I really miss you
Though we’ve been seeing us yesterday
Dear old one I think you
Died with a part of myself
Well I lost my hope
Instead I found my mind