Kidbrother - Night Gives In to Night lyrics

I find myself staring in to the sun. Is it coming up or going down?
I should have skipped the last couple of rounds. But it's too late to be skipping them now.
It's in my blood and all over my shoes. Not much of a hobby but it's something to do.
Something to do while I'm waiting on life.

I know this place like I know myself, so if you need directions ask someone else.
I have a general idea how to get from A to B. But all these options are killing me.
I love the way you can get lost in a stout. It kills me from within but I know I'll die without.
One day we all will die while waiting on life.

It's springtime but I'm falling like a shooting star up high.
It looks perfect for a moment but then it dies.
Close your eyes and make a wish, how I wish for one day to touch ground.

Now I make my way across the railroad-tracks. People get on here and never come back.
Look at the board I guess I came to late. I'll be back in the morning, man I cant wait.
Stumble across the place that I call home. I kick off my shoes, I guess I'm alone.
Night gives in to night I'm waiting on life.