Kid Down - My Analog Heart lyrics

It happened so fast
And this tiny thing
Could drive anyone insane
Like a flash 'fore my eyes
Yeah, the time was bad
And I am all a mess tonight

Got to keep it alive
Or I will drown myself in her
And along with the time
I mix up promises with love

So why,
Why did I fall into the dream for so long?
And why,
Why did I love just every second I spent there?
I guess that's why
Can't we just make up stories and continue ours?
I don't feel the same as you did, in the end

I just realized
It was fast way down that night
Since I signed off the light
Guess it's all downhill from here

When the rules don't apply
At least I thought it would be nice
So be gentle or break
You know damn well what happens next

And with a tear in my eye
Guess I was expecting this
Can't we keep it alive?
Damn this can't be it

Sing: So long baby
Can't hold up
I sing so long baby
Did your heart just stop?