Khia - Don't Trust No N A lyrics

You put your trust in a nigga
Stupid hoe, how you figure
He won't fuck your best friend and your sista
Lie to ya
Then screw ya
Get mad if his homeboys do ya
He's a nigga dont let him fool ya
They all dawgs thats what they do uh.
Till you put a stop to the shit they pullin
Get your own shit, thats what you do and
Dont worry bout him or his jewels man
You make him sweat dubs on your shit as
You ride by music high as hell too
He's watching you while lustin with his bitch you
Smile at him, nod at him, keep ri-ding
You see him later cuz he wanna stop by when
He sees you off tha chain lookin good too
You even got his bitch wanna freak you

Dont trust no nigga no no ... you can't trust no nigga no no
Don't trust no nigga no you can't trust no mother fucker be gone

Now when he comes open up
Let him freak you
Do all tha things, freaky thangs his bitch can't do
From tha back to tha side juss ri-ding
Tighten up, grip it down, shits wild then
Get him up, put him down
Nigga get gone
She's the cussin blowin up your cell phone
I'm over you yeah you had to learn tha hard way
I gives a fuck bout what you might have to say
Cuz you see I'm a queen in the end tho
You see where you gonna be in tha end tho
Knowin nothing with nothing stuck in the hood
While i'm strait lookin lovely living real good
So trust no nigga, fuck a nigga, get your own shit
To let him know that he's fuckin with a raw bitch
With a head on her shoulder knows how it goes
And when it's time, let a motherfucker get gone!


You put your trust in a nigga dumb bitch
That fuck ass nigga ain't shit
Repeat 5 x's

Oh you forgave him hoe, dumb silly hoe, that nigga don't mean you no good
Repeat 5 x's

Repeat till end