Key Kool & Rhettmatic - Head Trip (Remix) lyrics

(feat. Ras Kass)

[Key Kool and Ras Kass x2]
If you wanna play a game then here's the quiz
So what's up with them head trips

[Key Kool]
I'm together with you and I don't even know why
Cause you've been checkin me harder than the FBI
Too sly about the way you do your private investigations
And you be wiggin out over every situation
Like when I take my pager off, I should turn it off
Cause when it goes off, you grab it and then go off
Who's number is this, what number is that
Put her on the speakerphone and let me hear you call this number back
Nah, that ludicrous, I'm takin care of business
I never gave you any reason to be suspicious
I'm with you if nothin else goin down
But the way you falsely accuse, I might as well mess around
Your jealousy fits are gettin old, I don't even know
How you got a hold of my voicemail code
But since you got it go ahead and check it
This relationship is now disconnected

[Hook x4]

[Key Kool]
Now I'm the Boss of Hugo when I roll it's solo
But some girls wanna try to play me like Polo
For the gear I'm wearin, you breed is apparent
So let me tell ya Donna, I'm just not carin
Cause everyday you pray for question me more
Jockin me but wouldn't need if you thought I was poor
What you guess and again I possess
Silky Hilfiger so you can trade sex for checks
You act like your down but I know that you're thinkin
Cause when I ask you before what's your name you say taken
But now you wanna see if my key will fit your lock
Because my Nautica's is in nature like erotica
If you tryna play me for the clothes that you gettin in
Then I'ma try to play ya for the clothes that your gettin out
No doubt, your games just a waste of my time
Cause my name is Calvin so I de+Klein

[Hook x4]

[Ras Kass]
You say you don't trust me because I'm a pig???
But don't try to blame me for what someone else did
Just relax and go along with the flow
You don't gotta believe all those daytime talk shows
I know Geraldo left you for Ricki
And you caught Richard Bey givin a hickey
To Oprah, whatcha come in screamin
Men are not from mars and women are not from venus
But ???, I used to be your man
I was just balanced so I open your hand
If ya open minded not blinded
But what your friends decide and the media keep feedin ya
I'm not tryin just to get you into my bed
If that was the case, i'd call a groupie instead
So if you got a man that trustable, believe him
But if he's head trippin, then call me

[starts talking to a woman]
If you wanna play [x4]

[Hook x4]
If you wanna play [repeat till fade]