Kevin Coyne - Tulip

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Kevin Coyne - Tulip lyrics

Aged casanova speaking to the tie-dye

Slightly fat and nineteen year old who's lived a little lie

Down in the darkness where the little glow stares

I can spot the average ones

I can tell by the hair

But you you shouldn't be here way down on your knees

You don't need the this and that and this and that andthis and that

You don't need this

Chorus: hey tulip (x2) you're the strong one

Hey tulip (x2) yours is the long one.

Hey hey hey this must be your day

Somebody knows your face

They remember from '62

When you wore your shoes blue

And you had the kind of hairdo they'd never admire

You purchased a house and a horse

But you're getting much thinner

Who's watching the children at home?

Who's making your dinner?


Shake it just one time for him

You remember your auntie margaret

And your cousin jim

They've been searching for you

But you're still down here

Just one more small scotch one more beer

Leave leave go home

To bradford newcastle somewhere

Go back up north go away

They don't want you here (x2)