Kevin Coyne - Nasty lyrics


I've taken out your dog, your pet rabbit and your frog
I've opened all your mail, you realise you could go to jail
You can scream and scream and scream
But you still shattered my every dream
Chorus: You're nasty, so nasty (x2)
Nasty (x4)
Tell me why you're so nasty to me.
I've waited days for you, ain't going to wait on long holidays too
Left me in charge, left your poodles at large
It's me who has to wipe up the mess
Next thing I know you'll have me wearing a dress, no fair now
I've done everything I can, now you say I'm not a man
Ask me why should I care, I don't know why but I want to share
Stocks and shares you've got, before I'm gone, I'll have the lot
Sounds bad but it's true
You have to draw the line, shatter, shatter the ??
Back to my mother and father
Back to my homosexual brother
Let's get back into my normal mess
I can discard my expensive dress
Tell me now
Nasty, nasty to me (ad lib)