Kevin Coyne - Jack And Edna lyrics


You called me Jacky, I called you Edna
Sitting in the green arcade, laughing at the paper hats we've made
The white sea wall, the boarding house
Sitting round the table, your sister, mother, brother and little boy
Now I'm so lonely, just a picture of you
Stuck up in my bedroom, everywhere I go I think of you
Chorus: Why can't we go out darling like we did before?
Life should be ever open, ever open door
Now I'm so lonely, lost and all alone
They say you're married with children of your own.
Called me Jacky, I called you Edna
The white seagulls around, circle breaking, what a sound
The big arcade, the noise inside
Seen you drift down the peer, oh how your grey skirt glides
You know it"s right, it can't be wrong
Just two weeks, one summer, didn't last so very long
Called me Jacky, I called you Edna
Now you're gone away, living somewhere, no-one will say
Not a line, a single card, sitting in this lonely room
Don't you know the times are hard
No work at all, no money too
Dreaming, dreaming dreams, lonesome dreams with tales of you