Kervin - Mimic The Accident lyrics

Excess of righteousness, disinterested benevolence
Only the chaos, the chaos becomes certain
Facts chased away like urchins

Gain wealth forgetting all but self
Hail patriots and twenty-four karats
Gone stealth, removing all that helps
Get furious or they'll escape from us

Scandals and champagne for your campaign
The luxurious, all playing favorites
In flux, while the chief's chow is deluxe
The lack humiliates, roll back the tracks we make

Viceroy, cipher, cipher, widen the gulf
Sat in a skeletal wreck
Avert your eyes, lower visors, here comes the sun
With thought styles come undone

Road maps, perimeters taken back
Tailored to the flush, the mayor of avarice
Ignite hype, when the message reeks too trite
Aw shit, the truth's amiss, go find who the liar is

Watch out, got more money than god
Spitting in our face, commence the currency chase
Gain wealth forgetting all but self
Hail patriots and twenty four karats