Kerbdog - Pointless lyrics

Seven times I rang you, seven times you said you were bored.
How do I know by the tone in your voice you will be there?
Time enough I've humoured thoughts that situations change.
Help me to know because all I will drop just to be there.

So why are you taut and confusing?
I heard that once.
Nothing comes between.
Did you see the sun outside today?
Burning the bridges I made yesterday.
Memory serves me never quite so well.
So I broke it.
I fell.

Tried and tried to listen hard and gave you all I had.
Back in the face and the bile I could taste in your reasons.
Save for him all your frivolous chat and I'm sure for your reward,
A house of your own and a book full of nuns to remember.

What you know is just a lie.
I wouldn't tell you what to do for me.
I have what's best inside. I saw the man your eye's on.
We're so weird it hurts and I don't even mind if that's all the plan.
I'm fully careless with this.