Kent Money - God Bless (2012)

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Kent Money - God Bless lyrics

Let the smoke raise higher
Arson it's fire
That's what they do to a nigga once they encounter your priors
Real niggas speak the bitch at heart gone creep
Ambitions of playin hov but ya situation is bleak
My momma said fuck niggas go get ya money son
My heart said fuck Hurtin you ain't the only one
My mind right every situation I took
I remember thinkin in secret I grew to be overlooked
But fuck nigga I'm doing things I never thought I get to
Prayers turned contradictions when arms length of pistols
I mean nothin certain but death to ya I stress to ya niggas movin weight only do it to keep the faith
Oh lord bless em all who judge me for being different
I know that they wanna love it won't speak it but know they listen
Keep in mind if you speaking it's reasons that I don't listen
Those reasons turn into seasons they grieving you came up missin

I know wish the worst for a nigga
God Bless
Till the day they send a hurst for a nigga
God bless
Everybody doin dirt for a nigga
God Bless
Nothin free you know I work for it nigga

One day they hate you
Next day they praise you
Stopped givin them fucks Up
Went and made moves nigga luck what
Now a days they think you playin when you talkin to em
But later on they gone be payin just to walk into em
Tree blownin boot
Wearin prestige knowin
Type nigga that'll big up to seein his niggas glitter
A house for all his people
Accountants could keep em equal
It's nothin to make a profit
Know niggas in case I drop it
I'm a hustler by choice
Known voice by fate
Humble nigga by words otherwise trill nigga by ways
Street raised my feet
Chins raised my hands
Pops shook my moms stayed
That lady raised this man
For that I'mma give her everything
Without a hesi
Be through with the residentials
Unless you attaching presi
Often I'm thinkin back
Some mistakes that I made were deadly
A nigga still alive for that reason forever ride
Desired to be a king
Aspired to be greater
No sense to settle for less when you know you ain't promised later
Speaking in third person
When tunnel vision ain't workin
I see it from different angles until they closin the curtains