Kent M$NEY - State Of Emergency (2014)

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Kent M$NEY - State Of Emergency lyrics

This is not a test, this is an emergency of the emergency broadcast system. Please adhere to these instructions: take cover. This is a code red. Pestilence has spread throughout North America, please do not panic. Everyone, this is a state of emergency

[Verse 1]
Slide hoodies on coupes before the hair raise
That near (nair) graze ingrown when that fear shaved
Tears waived (waved) we don’t see tragedy in the morn (mourn)
We just saw a better way and found salaries in the scorn
Came up with a couple pounds stayed sound where they shootin rounds at
Get ya nouns pat and hold ya head when them hounds clap
Difficult never just keep a lever for clown niggas
Share a lil' wealth but don’t ever count it around niggas
What you wanna earn now roll round
Music turned down
Riding with ya nigga becoming more than a verb now
Smoke slow blow out the thought that I’m ever broke no
44 tap on ya spine NBA Logo
We need it all shirt pants shoes
You could keep the draws
Olympic shit flip ya then we out before ya sneakers fall
Streets involved they don’t say a word if ever people call
Boastin' as I toast it ain’t a promise I'mma see tomorrow

State of emergency niggas
State of emergency mothafuckas
State of emergency niggas
State of emergency mothafuckas
(This is a state of emergency. Please adhere to these instructions: Do not ensure a panic, avoid windows, take cover)

[Verse 2]
Mama told me not trust them boys
They all wish to play the Paul barer
Niggas thinking of bentleys in one accord
First to get it meet The Lord
After the dreamin' comes the long terrors
We heard it all before keys open doors keys open doors
Everybody got a set except mine don't come with chores
A mighty wide frame love to sit on all fours
When it roar hear god like cathedrals galore
Move different from sucka niggas who be lyin' embody what I am
Get exactly what you fish for
Come at me with the iron
Stop the tryin' get in tune with what we do now nigga
Don’t need rest we want the rest no ty Lou lounge nigga
So where we at with it
Let my blunt tilt with a black fitted
Match lit it draw too much attention when I scratch with it
Stayin' so high I think the birds out for me
Flip pigeons when I arrive to put the word out for me