Kenny White - The Tender Ghosts Of Autumn lyrics

the fires burned all summer long
ate up half the northwest
another kid has turned up gone
everybody hoping for the best
from overseas, the casualties
come graphically detailed
we just hope for cooler winds
and cooler heads to prevail
we overdosed on heroes
felt the tender ghosts of autumn
we lit the skies with fi ery rain
still, we never caught him
our inner child was traded in
for something far less holy
we’re dusting ourselves off again
but this time much more slowly
i wander through the streets
i look for hope around the corner
a dollar for the veteran
a shoulder for the mourner
i’m staring at the clouds
from above the carolinas
there’s not much in this world of ours
more precious than time is
i will touch your head
and i will kiss your cheek
and stop counting words
that i did not speak
i will feel the rain
as it cools my face
and fi nd my own way
to live in peace

shawn pelton…drums & drum loop
paul ossola…bass
duke levine…el guitar
larry campbell…banjo & string arrangement
christopher cardona…strings
david creswell…strings
stephanie cummins…strings
peter donovan…strings
antoine silverman…strings
anja wood…strings
paul woodiel…strings
krystof witek…strings