Kenny White - Ready To Leave All This Behind lyrics

i know it seems when you look back on it nothing was true
that i never loved you and you just were wasting time

i should have been fair i could have been proud instead of
so scared, and i know it now that i’m ready to leave all this behind

i never had it in my heart to be untrue and i was just as
sad and shaken up as you

i thought i was strong and letting my guard down was
weak, but that’s wrong i’m changing my mind and i’m
ready to leave all this behind

i hope you find the missing pieces for your heart
that chapter had to end before this one could start

maybe a place or a song that gets played will remind you
of something you still wouldn’t trade`and that some of it
was real and some of it was kind and we’re ready to leave
all this behind

kenny white…piano
bob magnuson…clarinet
richard locker…cello