Kenny White - Johnny's Got A Crush On Marilyn lyrics

Johnny's got a crush on marilyn
Goose bumps up and down his skin
He runs to the door when she walks in
And life won't be the same again

Bracelets rattle on her wrist
As she pulls her hair up into a french twist
He's never seen her look like this
And bites the fingers on his fist

Johnny's had a crush on marilyn
From the day he watched her life begin
He pours a 7-up and gin
Crosses himself once, and then again

Just a little bit after ten
He turned on the tv in the den
And pressed his lips onto her skin
Saying "don't be frightened marilyn"

Outside april's in full bloom
As evening slides into her room
He'll be home from work real soon
Close the shade, silence the moon

Duke levine…guitar
Paul ossola…upright bass
Kenny white…wurlitzer, piano, sweater drum