Kenny White - Cold Winter Wind lyrics

i could forgive you for something you did by mistake
i could forgive you but you just woke up too late
but hey remember that night in massachusetts long ago
was in december, the snow got to the second floor window
now i can’t imagine your coat in his closet
i can’t imagine his touch feels as warm, or does it?
i do believe you never wanted to tell me what was wrong
i do believe you needed to be guilty and be gone
’cause your eyes, they weren’t reflecting what you felt
and your words, they painted a picture of someone else
and i would have rathered instead of trying so hard to save us
i would have rathered a little more love instead of what you gave us
i’ll be ok, though it may take some time to start
i’ll be ok, as soon as i can heal this heart
in just a moment i’ll say a last good bye to you
in just a moment i’ll try to put your face in the rear view
and still i wonder, was it just some crazy spell
i was under that let me find the heaven in the hell
now i can’t imagine you sitting by the fire with him
with the same books, in the same chair, the same cold winter wind