Kenny Price - She Even Loves Me lyrics

She loves ever mornin' that the Lord gives her a rise
And that second cup of coffee that helps open up her eyes
She loves her home and children and the walkin's on TV
But the most important thing I guess oh she even loves me
The PTA will keep her out at least a night a month
Her hands were full when the kids stayed home with the chicken fugs and moss
She works out small disasters and comes to test her fees
She loves her work but most of all oh she even loves me
She even loves me when I tell her I won't be home till eight
She even loves me when I think of everything that there is to hate
She loves to be a woman what a lovely sight to see
She loves the kids to bed at night sprays on somethin' she knows a like
Turns on love and turns off the light oh and then she loves me
[ guitar ]
She even loves me when I tell her...