Ken Tamplin - Goin' All The Way lyrics

I hear the talk, all those that mock what I believe
Believe a lie unsatisfied, too shallow to percieve
It's all the same old song and dance
Explain it with a riddle and rhyme
Claiming life is up to chance, would do anything to deny

I don't care really don't care
How much for truth I'll pay the price
don't give your soul to the roll of the dice
Come a time when we are all called oh to pay
but as for me and my house, we're going all the way

Movin' on and I know what I see
Livin' day to day
We've got the power cause we know who holds the key
we're goin' all the way, all the way

Gotta live up and never give up
Well there ain't no retreat
You can bet 'em they will if you let 'em
Pull the world right out from under your fee
as a man thinketh in his heart then so shall he be
Oh Lord You've given me hope and a reason to be

I don't care....

Movin' on and I know....