Kelly Price - Her lyrics

oOOOOhhh Ohhh ohh oh ohh
I verse

I been watching from a distance and everything it rings familiarly

But I can't imagine what you must be thinking, cause she could never be what
I could beeeeeee

Oh lonliness has really got you twisted, and theres so much your eyes
can't even seeeeeee yeah, and then I layed my eyes upon your woman
and to my suprise I saw me lookin at me eeee

chorus: So how could you be with her
(her) when you do really love her no no
cause shes not me and I cant stand by
and watch you pretend, so baby how could her
(her) when you don't really love her no no
cause she's not me and I can't stand by and watch you pretend

II verse

We parted so that we can make it better
cause boy you said we needed time and space
ummm , weeeee vowed that it was only temporary
but I never thought that I would be replaced

ummmm ( your livin a dream)
and your giving my love away, um um
how could you pretend we were nothing oh oooh
cause she's not me , she can't be nooooo
so how could you be with her oh oh oh oh baby, yeah

Chorus: twice

I want your love, I need your love
Come hold me in th midnight hour, I need you in the mid night hour yeah yeah