Kelly Price - He Proposed To Me lyrics

Verse 1
It was Valentine's Day February the 14th
My baby took me to a special place
Said he had a surprise for me
He told me to close my eyes
So that I could not see
And when I opened them up
He was on one knee reachin' for my hand
[Thats When]

He proposed to me
He proposed with a diamond ring
I started crying
He placed it on my finger and I said yes
He proposed to me
My baby proposed with a diamond ring
I couldn't believe it I looked in his eyes and I said yes

Verse 2
I'll never forget that night
It was 8:43 pm to be precise
He looked in my eyes and said
You made me the happiest man alive
And as soon as I got home I called my mother on the phone
I said mama you won't believe what just happened to me


Cause we will be together baby
And this I know
See we will love forever baby
My heart told me so
See if you promise to hold me tight and never let me go
We will be husband and wife
For the rest of our lives