Keith Sweat - Twisted lyrics (Chinese translation). | Oh yeah baby
, You got to make your mind up
, Yeah, Kut Klose, hear me out
, 1-You know you are...
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Keith Sweat - Twisted (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Oh yeah baby
ZH: 哦是的宝贝

EN: You got to make your mind up
ZH: 你得让你的想法

EN: Yeah, Kut Klose, hear me out
ZH: 是的库特克洛泽,听我说完

EN: 1-You know you are my lover
ZH: 1-你知道你是我的情人

EN: You got me twisted over you
ZH: 你让我扭着你

EN: I know I got what you need
ZH: 我知道你需要什么

EN: So what you wanna do
ZH: 所以你想做

EN: Baby, baby I know
ZH: 宝贝,宝贝,我知道

EN: Baby I love you so
ZH: 我是如此爱你的孩子

EN: But you don't feel like I do
ZH: 但你不觉得我做

EN: Tell me what can I do
ZH: 告诉我可以做什么

EN: 2-But I gotta be strong
ZH: 2 但我会坚强

EN: You did me wrong
ZH: 你对我错了

EN: When I thought that we were really down
ZH: 当我以为我们是真的下

EN: So you say you want me
ZH: 所以你说你想要我

EN: Make up your mind
ZH: 打定主意

EN: Cuz I'm not gonna be here for long
ZH: 因为我不会待在这里很长时间

EN: (repeat 1)
ZH: (重复 1)

EN: Baby, baby in time
ZH: 婴儿,在时间中的婴儿

EN: Baby I know you'll find
ZH: 宝贝,我知道你会发现

EN: That what you needed was here
ZH: 你需要在这里

EN: And think about it my dear
ZH: 想它我亲爱的

EN: (rpt 2, 1...)
ZH: (rpt 2、 1......)

EN: Breaking up down
ZH: 打破了下来

EN: You got me twisted
ZH: 你让我扭

EN: Thinking about the way that things use to be
ZH: 东西用的方式思考

EN: When It was you and me girl I was so free
ZH: 当它还是你和我的女孩被如此自由

EN: See you had my life
ZH: 看到了我的生活

EN: Like Cupid and I was just down right foolish and stupid
ZH: 像丘比特是刚下右愚蠢和愚蠢

EN: But now I know the reason for the pain and the headaches
ZH: 但现在我知道疼痛和头疼的原因

EN: You left me all alone now I can't even concentrate
ZH: 你离开我都一个人现在我甚至不能集中

EN: I guess I'll wait for the day until you come back
ZH: 我想我会等你回来之前一天

EN: Because my heart is where your love is at
ZH: 因为我的心是在你的爱在哪里

EN: You got me twisted
ZH: 你让我扭

EN: (Repeat 1, 1)
ZH: (重复 1,1)