Keith Emerson - The Art Of Falling Down lyrics

Falling Down...

Well, you can jump the guns and corners
To save your place
It'll never hide the guilt that's on your face
And you can duck and dodge and scramble
And make that sound
It'll never match the art of falling down

Wishing it away will call them all to stay

Well, you blame the slings and arrows
That curse this fate
And it still won't shave the cost of coming late
Never a clean escape
Becoming what you hate

And you can justify the cause and nail across to it
But you need to get lost to get you found
And it's a long drink of faith 'till you believe it
And you come across the art of falling down

Turning it away invites them all to stay

You can light yourself a candle to ease your pain
It'll never find the song to sing your name
Ain't it a burning shame
Enough to drive you sane

Chasing it away will call them back to play

You can fly your righteous angels
On a golden chain
But it's a harder fall than landing on your blade
And you can call it by it's name and put an end to it
But it'll never change the art of falling down

Falling Down...