Keepin 6 - 1086 lyrics

Listen to these words they are a revelation
Of things we all should know.
Can you feel it like the vibration?
Well i do. and theres something fucking wrong
Constantly searching for the never-ending truth
The problem's not anything but the lack of sense
And the lack of any proof
And i know. that something's fucking wrong

How many times have we been stuck with only 10 feet to go?
I don't care what the fuck they say they can't get me down
How many times have we been fucked for not doing what were told?
I don't care about them anyway. they won't get me down
This time is not the first and sure as hell won't be the last

We live in a time and age where we look and act like clones
While the corporate managers are sitting on their thrones
While i run around like a motherfucking slave
Telling me when and where and how to behave
Well i don't care what the fuck they say,
They're not getting me down. i'm never giving up

They say "take these pills.
They will take the pain away"
The same prescription that i got the other day
"no there's no alternative. just take these now"
Don't ask no questions. you better not disavow

An oblivious world we live in i wonder will it ever stop
Faster by the minute. as we slowly start to flop
Sometimes i feel like i just don't care
And then i realize that my life has lost its flair