Keeper Of Dreams - Iron Discipline lyrics

Mortification comes unprovoked
Leave the reasons! These aren't usable...
Your sins are watched by magnifying glass
Stand in the corner! You've done mistake

Anger, that makes you cry...
The truth is inconceivable.
Brainless wasters, major notions
The truth needs eyes to see!!

How can they be so narrow-minded?
The routine is under their very nose
But they're just having their own reasons
They aren't curious to know yours'

Trouble maker, or orderly,
Didactic stories...

Never enough to say the word!
Their speech is memorized,
No matter what is proper,
Go ahead and stay silent!

Iron discipline...
Where exponent words are thrown away
Iron discipline...
Where there's nothing to say about circumstances

Your only weapons are irony,
Passivity and deceit
Disabusing them from their own shit
Could give them consciousness