Keeper Of Dreams - Human Depravity lyrics

Take a look on us, we're eating
Superfluous toxins
Mutating cells and organs
Ground gaining tumour
Near gold and leatherette,
Plastic made false teeth
Neon lighted evenings
During this embittered

Human depravity...

Sometimes you get the feel of
Crushing them with all of their faith
But likely now its needless,
We've digged our own grave

In this hyperactive world,
We cannot breathe
As our knowledge increasing,
We're breaking down under it

But as our inborn humanity sets pace for us
We're walking our self-centered path,
And can't see what we're destroying
System of million times
Can be known the reaction?
The seed of life is lost.

Voice of eccentricity,
Please tell me now the way out
It can't be tolerable more,
Earth will regret this cruelly
Voice of none fate shattered
Under dissidence

Terrorists against people
Having not any chance
This is the perfect
Simile of daily life...

Some kind of glittering
To deface what we've got
Work of thousand years starts to
Become supernatural
Kreatin built unreal muscles,
They having not any pride
God won't bear down unexpected
He'll emeciate us from inside

Human Depravity...