Keak Da Sneak - Nothing Without You lyrics

(feat. Messy Marv & Matt Blaque)

Matt Blaque (Chorus):
Girl the things, the friends, the cars, the rims, the rich that I'm living
No me nothing without you, girl I'm nothing without you
Cuz baby girl you been my rock, my friend, my companion-cake
Can't imagine livin' within out you, girl I'm nothing without you, it's you

Keak Da Sneak (Verse):
I forgive, but don't forget; nobody else I can see myself with, but you
My best friend, my wife, my flavor, my type
You hear the song, you got me on this hot, taught me a lot
On my brain and my heart you got your own spot
Sporting out the rear, when you tell me that my song hot
Fast, you special, I'mma spit it off,
You still the best, stay super fly, so fresh to death, I ain't kidding
Before money constantly came in, I get my changed up, I didn't change then
And I ain't gonna change now, the reason I love you to death
Baby you stay good

Matt Blaque (Chorus)

Messy Marv (Verse):
What's happenin'
She not on ya'll's back, but she is my addiction
Joke after, joke and nigga can't stay out of prison
But she stand with position and maintain your smile
When you came to this bitch, you knew a nigga was foul
That's why I wanna fly out and resort to the resorts
I let you do the feelin' when we doing the feelin' you feel or
It's back to the photo shoots and the Thizz-sorts
Ridin' and grindin' on you niggas that take snizz-norts
I'm in love how you ain't in love with the club
Or ain't in love with the above; you in love with a thug
I didn't change then, and a nigga can't change now
The reason I love you to death, girl you stay down

Matt Blaque (Chorus)

Keak Da Sneak (Verse):
It's you baby, I guess its true what they when you in love, it's crazy
I'm glad I got the chance to know you and me being myself I got the chance to show you
You should've left a long time ago, but you didn't cuz you love me, but I love you more
Open my eyes to see that the old girls know
Life is too short, I'll give myself, forget the boys and the doe
Came along way, made along time long; fightin', fussin', touchin; man I made you stronger
Two wrongs don't make a right; they make a wrong-wrong
God tell me what you need, is there someway I can change this wrong

Matt Blaque (Chorus)

Matt Blaque (Outtro):
I love the way, the way you mooooove
Ooooooo, I know where and when ooo youuuuu