Kazuki Tomokawa - Days Of Blankness Part Two (Battling Herpes) lyrics

Braincells and body weakening
Not a single sign of a change in my luck
Leaving it in the lap of the gods

With a face like Basquiat painting
My B's a little slow to emerge

Smokes and drink knocked on the head
Stone cold sober, punctuation marks for an idiot
You there, you poor messenger, come at once

Bewitched by a decorated branch of New Year bamboo
Uncertain of ever omitting reality
Blinking idiotically like the second hand

Too late already one of the opposition runs up
His form and intentions impossible to discern
But just at that moment we go for a three-point shot

Colliding with a song and shattered
A misunderstanding scattering in smithereens
Those are the misunderstandings I love