Kayak - Total Loss lyrics

I started off as a decent man one day
But now I seem to live my life in a most peculiar way
From 9 to 5 I'm a usefull member of society
Nothing about me would tell you that I
Spend every night all dressed up in style
Playing roulette with a superior smile
Losing my luck and looks I roll the dice
Expensive dreams
That's why I'm living far beyond my means

I'm total loss, totall loss
You think I easily fly, but I'm ready ready ready to crash
Total loss, total loss
I've been going to high, I've paid the price for making a splash
I'm desperately in need of some cash

Driven by the money I could make
Being close to fortune I just put too much at stake
Expecting things to change, ah, but the worst was yet to come
Sold all I had but couldn't give up playing
I lost my conscience years ago
Telling myself that the final blow
Would bring me back where I began
A gambling man
But one who's really at his wits end

Total loss...

Creditors constantly claiming
More than I ever could raise
This mess I'm in, it's degrading
I can't afford a proper meal
Can you imagine how I feel

Total loss..