Kay Kay And His Weathered Underground - Ol' Rum Davies lyrics

"well this here is the story about one common fellow and his adventures.
And a little face nestled in the back of his mind
A little place he rolled on by like a tumbleweed"

When the city awakes and the garbage trucks trump their horns
On the corner of the street there's two hobos and me
And we're not that different
We got one pair of jeans
One, Two, Three
A penny
But look at me plus I'm (or pour some) in a rock and roll magazine
Oh yeah-ah-ah

I just flew over the coo coo nest
A hundred thousand miles east or west
That's why I gave up (no idea) to have the space for two
And when I lost the life inside of my head
I swear we're gonna get that publishing check
But on a day like today with no gas in the tank
My belly's kinda empty just like my faith
Oh yeah-ah-ah

And it can be so frustratin' when you can't be accomplished and the things imagined in your head
And all the girls don't go to the beach no more
They just daydream it all behind a desk
Yeah they don't go down to the beach no more
They just daydream behind a desk
Yes, yes, yes.