Kawir - Korivantes lyrics

Oh! Mighty gods you consecrated the mystical rites.
Oh! You celestial, oh you infernal and of the sea.
Oh! Greatest polemarhs that nobody can confront you.
Oh! You that holding the copper cymbals.
Oh! You that come to earth with your shining armor.
Oh! You black dragons of eternal earth.

Hear our calling.

We raise our hands
Towards the sky
Towards the earth
Towards the sea
And we call upon
Korivantes the mighty gods

We call upon
Korivantes to rush again, rush again.

Oh! You that have the darkest countenance
And rush vexed against the mortals
With only purpose the destruction.

You that your breaths give life
And rage destroys everything as it passes.


And when their blood will flow on earth
Then you will blow your divine breath towards us.