KatieJane Garside - Darling, They've Found The Body lyrics

He walked in, hiding between standing stones
Numb and hold tightly these reigns
And how can I sleep when you're dead?
Meanwhile, wait
Stone caught shadows and your name scribed
Wait, just wait
The breathing is sucked through a tiny hole
Sucking, sucking, in a gentle rhythm
With the devastation of tides
And all that is held in her watchful eye
You came a while and ambled up onto the shoreline
Daughter of mine, I will see you through this crossing
And you will make the shore
You know how to make fire
The undeniable power of the fuck fairy
They deny you your right
Your breach, his impeach
Even after all these years
The cracks in the firmament shatter and weave their bloody embelliment
Of a so-called you
Vagina dent hurt her they said with broken teeth
Rises and snatches back what is rightfully hers
In a sneering lunge, I went about on my knees after thee
Can you believe it? I went with a fucking begging bowl
And little girl leering
I shattered and showered as you disavowal
Rigid with fear I wetted your brush off at the starting gate
Your impotence in accordance with my, my, my rage
Calamity in ended days
Rips of proof, treacherous teat
Her bare, hack-eyed gashes of milk across tecton
An almighty, terrible sucking
As we stirred, helpless, down into the mother
Subsume, to suffocate
In a mass grave
The fucking noise stops
She buried the ants
Darling, they've found the body
Darling, they've found the body
They've found the body
Darling, they've found the body