Kathy Mar - Barbie Cues lyrics

Somebody's barbie is a vaporous cloud
One of the barbies of a very freaky crowd
Someone's prize hibachi will never cook again
It's impossible to charbroil on a small metallic stain
Yesterday it was grilling hot dogs, chicken breasts, and steaks
Its owner never realized his plan was a mistake
Now the charcoal bricks are perfect but the grill's a metal lake
It's nobody's barbie now

Now you who love your barbies
and wish to treat them well
Remember liquid oxygen is really liquid hell
And in your attempts to make your fires happen faster
Remember there are some plans that will always spell disaster
If you try to light your charcoal with a kind of rocket fuel
You won't need anybody else to tell you you're a fool
You will know it when your barbecue's a slightly smoking pool
It's nobody's barbie
Just melted, hot, and carbie
It's nobody's barbie now

To the tune of Nobody's Moggy Now by Eric Bogle

Words: Kathy Mar

Copyright 2002 Kathy Mar