Kate Rusby - Andrew Lammie lyrics

At Fyvie's gate there grows a flower
It grows both broad and bonnie
A daisy in the midst of it
Its name is Andrew Lammie

O gin that flower were my breast
For the love I bear the laddie
So blithe and merry I would be
And kiss my Andrew Lammie

Love I must go to Edinburgh
Love I must go and leave thee
She sighed full sore and said no more
But o gin I were with thee

I'll buy my love a wedding gown
My love I'll buy it bonnie
But I'll be gone ere you come back
How I love thee Andrew Lammie

Love pines away, love dwines away
And love decayed my body
And love crept in at my bedfoot
And he took possesion of me

Her brother beat her wondrous sore
Til the strokes they were not canny
And he broke her back on yon hall door
For loving Andrewa Lammie

O mother go and make my bed
And lay my head to Fyvie
For its there I'll lie and there I'll die
For loving Andrew Lammie

Syne he's come back from Edinburgh
To the bonnie house of Fyvie
He's turned his face to the northeast
To look for Tifty's Annie

Oh East and West where'er I go
My love she's always with me
Oh East and West where'er I go
My love she dwells in Fyvie

Oh it's many is the time I've walked at night
And never was I weary
But now it's I must walk alone
For I will not see my deary