Kataxu - In My Dungeon lyrics

Rushing through dense forests of mountains and bells
The rustling robes, and the hair made of wild waves of air
A stoney palm, with a dreadful beauty,
Clenches sharpening the shine of the orbits.
Stimulated by thousand of fiery swamps, I feel the rythm of the pulsating earth.
Tongues rising up to the heavens - pulsating veins in rocky fissures.
The flowers of scarlet, forming a mist
... the forging gleam of the aurora australis
... the wind of the Gods is within me!

Igneous thoughts; lead me!
I walk on the path of instinct - I grow with no impediment for future epochs.
Nothing will stop my everlasting roam
The winged praxis towards millions of gates
I, the wind of the ancient world, create an alien touch amongst the two lights -
The key to the immortal fog, and the encoded strengh.
"The mystery of blood - lies in us, children of the noble race..."
"I, the wind ! Recollecting the times of the shining Atlantis..."

... Many are already uncovered, and the road is thawed through the sunset in the West, but I dare to reach the unimaginable!

The bourne is grand - through abstract psyche, here is my frantic art
I, the wind of time - create a dimension of undestructable thoughts
The word "keys" became firmer than the one forged into stone.
Welcome to my rooted hemisphere of fire.

I scatter the remains of the rouge layers
I sharpen my instinct - and my feelings pierce through the barriers (beyond the cosmos)
Upon the rocks of the mountainous hemmorrhages
A symphony of the priest's dance
... Hate bursts out from the lips
The crowns of the surrounding trees give notice - the dances in leafy robes shine
... in my hemisphere of fire

Here is the only moment where the shine of dawn is rotten for thy eyes.
Here is my victory; the birth amongst chaos.
You try to find me on your palm, wandering through mountains, but your life lines are laid down in fear.
I melt your tears, and your unwanted feelings
In the line of cold hearts - like the spearhead of the One-Eyed God!

Proficient and cunning in movement with the stars; I treat my victim with neglect.
I long to strangle (it) with poetry, from within the deep blossoms.
Here is the mad climax and the screaming rhythm when I melt the precious orbits

... an empty gift of bitter life
... in my dungeon!

My thoughts organised with a possessed laugh
The explosions of the hating pulse - let them lead me through this hemisphere of fire
I curse you, to burn in a fiery sacrifice!
... in my dungeon!
The Northern course intensifies my strengh
Ascending through the aurora australis - I douse my hands into the lake of stars
The mountainous swamps call - through the embers of the sheared heads.

Here is my homage to the mountainous blossoms - the ancient earth remembers
Here is the rocky beginning - in the hands of the elements
The hidden word - "keys" - within the human psyche.