Karmin - Maybelline (Leo Rising Album) (2016)

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Karmin - Maybelline (Leo Rising Album) lyrics

[Verse 1: Nick Noonan]
I see a picture perfect world
Seems like I can’t escape it
Each turn the writing on the wall
Tells me to face the music

[Verse 2: Karmin]
I can’t compete although I try
Too far below the surface
Bright lights are never what they seem
You’ve got to see in person
[Pre-Chorus: Amy Heidemann]
I don’t know what they see when they look at me
I don’t care but they all see it differently
I don’t know what they see when they look at me
But I can hear them say

[Chorus: Karmin]
Go vogue for your life like you must be seen
Pose like the pictures in the magazine
Yeah, beauty is pain but the pleasure’s free
Born to be loved like a Maybelline

[Verse 3: Karmin]
Look what the photoshop made up
Now shop the photo’s make up
We learn at such an early age
Admire but don’t be jealous

[Pre-Chorus + Chorus (x2)]

I saw a pretty girl by the side of the road
Thumb up in the air and a winter coat
I knew that she was carrying a heavier load
I thought that I could get her where she wanted to go
She looked so good with a dangerous style and
I liked the way she talked with a magical smile
She said, "I could be a star if the planets align"
So I took her on a ride to deliver the shine

[Pre-Chorus + Chorus (x2)]