Karmin - I Got You (Leo Rising Album) (2016)

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Karmin - I Got You (Leo Rising Album) lyrics

[Verse 1]
I always knew that you would leave
The world was telling you to come and claim it
You took a one way on the 10th
And i don't know if you'll be back again

Yeah, you say you wanna make it big oh
This city's made of silly dreams and heartbreak
They live their lives in black and white
But your true colors saturated my heart
So if it rains on your parade i'm coming with a marching band to back you up
Nobody left to entertain
Then play our favorite tune
I Got You babe
And if the clouds roll in again i'm coming
With a rescue crew to pull you out
No matter bus, train, boat or plane
There's nothing i won't do
I got you, i got you babe

[Verse 2]
This town could never understand