Karin Strom - Love For Free lyrics

I gave my love for free to you
I never asked you for anything back
You see for me, it was enough
Just to see you get lost in your tracks

I never thought that you would stay alive in my mind
For as long as you did
I always thought your beauty would fade
And eventually you would disappear

But now I'm glad you never had the eyes to see or love me
'Cause I never would have been able to resist
Although I knew and knew for sure, you were not good for me at all
Even the day we first kissed

But I'd lie if I say you no longer call me on
Yeah, I lie if I said that you're gone

I never thought that she was good enough for you
No you were way too fine
And now that she'd had you for all that time
Why couldn't I just borrow you for a little while?

It's funny how I choose not to remember the times
When you made me run away and cry
It's funny how all I recall
Is the sun on your skin and your eyes

But not I'm glad you gave your love to her instead
And left me free to find someone honest and good
I wouldn't want to spend my time on someone
Who just fooled around and lied to whomever he could

But I wonder sometimes, did she ever get to know
That I stole a piece of you?