Kara Johnstad - Smoked Out Blues lyrics

Rang the bell
Just to leave
And the papers do say
In some legal term way
It's o'er
As you walk out the door

You look back
Just a glance
And you want a reply
To the window-paned stare
Don't ask
It's the last of a long term affair
And I stand
Still in shock looking dumb
Knowing that the answers to questions
Might never come
Oh why, after so many years

Smoked out Blues
In the night
The pain Of lover's past
The lull Of Billies cries
And the words
That never last

And I dream As I wake
That you're there in her arms
Falling prey to her charms
Your laugh It still hangs in the air

I get up For my sake
'Cause the thoughts in my head
Have me wishin