Kanye West - Wake Up Mr. West lyrics

I knew I was gon' see you again
I knew I was gon' see you again.
I knew I was gon' see you again...
Where your goddamn book bag at?
Always carryin' that little book bag.
Nobody wanna see that goddamn 4th grader.
Sit your ass down.
Showin' up late again like he got somethin' else to do.
You don't got nothin' else to do.
You ain't doin' nothin' with your life.
Nothin' with your life.
What do you think this is?
You better look at me when I'm talkin' to you!
You think this shit's easy, don't you?
You think this is promised.
Ain't nothin' promised to you!
Look at my face, do I got a promised face?
You think I would promise you anything?
Kanye! Nigga! Is you snorin' in my class?
Wake up, Mr. West. Wake Up Mr. West!
Mr. West!