Kami de Chukwu - Droptop Vision (2013)

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Kami de Chukwu - Droptop Vision lyrics

[Verse 1:]
We all got it
Until we lose it
That's when we need it
Sad Music
Put some soul in ya step till we walking on them sound clouds...

I Seen a pretty face
She hollered back
I Ask her where them dollars at
She twist it up act like
She ain't want no parts of that
And so I...

Walked in with a limp
Posted on the block
Burna on my hip
Rocks in my socks
I seen my momma cry
I seen my niggas drop
And they wonder when life gon change
And when its gon stop but I can't
Cuz im a Loose cannon
You destined to hear the pistol pop
Pistol Pete pass me a jam as butter as Pete's Rock
But He told me don't shoot it.

But He told me dont shoot it...

Wildin' Out

[Hook x4:]
Passed Yall

[Verse 2:]
I hold this metal to steal from you
Let me keep it real for you
For I clench my fist and steal of ya
Let me paint a pic the ya
No appeal when I peel on you
Peel something
Then peel off in something else
With leather soft
As eel stomachs

I need that whole thang
I need a zip sniffed, smellin like shit
And hit off some putang
They saying we the new tang
But really we just a new strain
Off some old crack you ain't never smoked.
Im bumping old Wayne

And since I Lost ol' girl
I've been acting brand new
Not saying she was my world
But she was something to do
And she was bad as ever was
So I forgot like never did
And got hot devils blood

You want to kill a killer
You aim for this Achilles and shoot
But my ankles in boots
With steel toes
So I'm stomping on you...

When the tables turned
The clock ticked
And the sky fell
And as the rain poured
The tears dropped
The gas burns.

They love me.

[Hook x4]
Passed Yall