Kami - Breathe Alive lyrics

Nobody believed
That I could ever love you
Even I had my doubts
You know it too
After all the time
That I spent with you
I still had my doubts
I'm such a fool...

When you went away
Everything suddenly changed
I missed you more than ever
Now I know youre the one for me

Nothing can change my mind now
Everything seems empty if i dont have you
I feel so lonely, I feel so empty
Cus I miss you..
Nothing will change me now
My mind is set on you
I can finally say

I breathe alive next to you...

No doubts no more
You're the one for me my love
So much that you've done
Just to proof your love to me
I dont doubt that you love me
I had enough to see your love


And the world can pass away
It can pass beside me
I know really what i want
And what I want is you
Your love means everything to me
Just knowing that you'll always be there for me
I know I breathe alive again...