Kalisia - Blurred Exile lyrics

[Boarding Platform Hostess]:
"Your attention please. Boarding platform A-51, shuttle for the Colonist I spacecraft only, leaving for Nyros at twenty thirty E.T., please comply with the boarding routine and stay out of the restricted areas. For Colonists II and III, please head for the appropriate boarding zones. We wish you a nice interstellar trip."

"We are boarding
We are leaving
We'll be travelling
Arken cruisers nearby watching over us

Something's wrong inside"

"This is our only chance to release mankind
Free from this mastery, leave our world behind"

Too late now, the ship has been taken by force
Destination alteration
Hiding away, the League will not find them
No one can stop
Their desperate quest for a brand new virgin land

Too hasty, for they have folded
Space... and the unexpected

"A new dawn has come
System in sight
But nothing else, no other glowing light

Something's wrond outside"

[Colonist I]:
"No entry found in memory, system unregistered
Error in triangulation coordinates
Unable to find any referenced celestial body
Presumable location: out of the known universe"

"Sole hospitable place, this satellite
Lands and their oceans, blue and white
I fear this world to be our shrine
For we are now guests of Proserpine"