Kaia - Jasper lyrics

When jasper left he left for good
Said i'm not staying here i'll be left for dead
And i believed him
Down the long gravel road
To the house with the dogs
Living with zombies
It's the last place i want to stay
So i jumped on my bike
And i sped towards life

Pay me up man
I'm not just a free show you know
Big freak's in town
I'm not just a free show

Should have followed him to portland
But i got lost on the way
In girls and drinkin'
And my journal's empty pages
And the way this city never ages
Tracing the lines between my hands and hers
There was everything
And everything was worth leaving
And everything was worse than leaving

Pay me back please
I am just a child alone you know
Take me in please
I am losing my fight for home