Kaddisfly - Via Rail (Janvier) lyrics

There was a bird
who with the absence of words took flight
to the end of the sea and the finish line of the earth.
She perched atop the corner of the world and built three nests.
One of gold, one of silver and one of clay.
She took a breath, and she let it out
She took a sigh, then she cried out

There is much that I shall bear!
There's a strong chill in the air again.

In the nest of gold she cleansed her coat daily.
In the nest of silver she brought back her food
to save and consume.
In the nest of clay she laid her eggs
and eventually bore children,
and she waited and waited and waited...

On the day the fires came
the nests of gold and silver melt in a
lucid river rushing to the sea
while the nest of clay withstood the heat.


The nest of clay was forged for eternity atop the corner of the world,
while the ocean floor was now covered in gold, silver, and sand.

So build a house of clay and never ever, ever, ever underestimate
what the dead can do for the living.
If you listen closely you'll hear the harmony of
every man and woman who's passed away

You better believe it's a song for the living.

There's a daunting task ahead
There are snowflakes in our eyes again
With such a strong chill in the air
Can you tell me, tonight where will we lay our heads to sleep

Just sleep.