KR - Jam (2014)

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KR - Jam lyrics

Somebody tell em
This my motherfuckin

[Verse 1 KR]
I got a pool full of laxatives (aye)
When i speak on the beat
Niggas (free?)
Like a nigga can't rap
He shit(aye)
Like for real got a four wheeler
Got a (coop?) in the back
If your in my (neighborhood?)
Got the booze and a pack of swish
Go get 'em
I'm as fly as a pegasus
And your boy push away
You should flex up in it
Heard you a fuck nigga
You a fuck nigga
Can't get on my level
No stop
I don't fuck wit'em
I don't trust wit'em
Cool flow with no bezel
Got the kush in the blunt with a couple grand
Never had a wallet pop rubberbands
Never saved a women no superman

Somebody tell em
This my motherfuckin

[Verse 2 KR]
And they go shut the fuck up
This flow can't get enough of
B,b,b,b,bum de bu bu
Boy colder than the winter dust
Get it wetter than the lochness monster
Better cuf your chick bruh
No time for that lean or syrup
All i need is the beat bu
You can hit me with the weed in a bundle
Weed helicopter
Just (sell a day?) me oh me
I'm a g
I'm a god
I'm a beast
I'm a monster
Nigga R.I.P
Nigga need that fed
Got a couple hands
Hit that once won't hit again
Is she a guy
Hit that running man

Somebody tell em
This my motherfuckin